Create personal workouts around your schedule:
▪ Customize workout duration.
▪ Select how many days a week you can workout.
▪ Set a personal goal and see progress in 12 weeks.
▪ Train like a pro with exercises
Arnold Schwarzenegger regularly used.
▪ Records everything you do so you don't have to remember anything.

Muscle Builder comes packed with over 200 Motivation quotes

Don’t let anybody tell you, you can’t.
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Recover faster:
▪ Muscle Builder shows your recovery time for each workout. 

Recover faster and maximize your gains.
▪ Everybody is different, so set your own recovery time for specific exercises and avoid over training.

Learn how to build muscle:
▪ Muscle Builder has an interactive muscle tool.
▪ Learn about the muscles of the
Abbs, Chest, Arms, Shoulders, Back and Legs.
▪ Understand sets and reps.

Get out of your comfort zone:
▪ Shows your least used exercises and muscles.
▪ Make gains by working your weakest muscles.

Advanced Workout Statistics:
▪ Workout Calendar shows everything you have ever done.
▪ View your progress in stunning graphs.

▪ Over 200 exercises.
▪ Track your weak-points

Track least used muscles and exercises.

Track most used muscles and exercises.

Enjoy the Feel of Paper
▪ View all your workouts in a 3D paper journal.

▪ Interact with each page using the slightest touch.

Share and Track your Progress:
▪ Track your body weight as you burn fat and build muscle.
▪ View your weight goals in stunning graphs and charts.
▪ Share your progress with friends, using the share screen technology.

This is without doubt,
the best bodybuilding app out there..
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Advanced Step Counter:
▪ Set daily step challenges and walk off weight.
▪ Track steps throughout the morning, lunch, afternoon and night.

▪ See your most active times of the day.

Track your weight loss in stunning graphs.

Start toning muscle with over 200 exercises.